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2007 QC Fly-in

Women Fly!

LVGAA is proud to host the Women Fly! event at Queen City Airport, 1730 Vultee Street, on March 9, 2013, 10am - 4pm, during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week.

Studies demonstrate that one of the key factors to explain the low percentage of women in the air and space industry is the fact that girls and women don't consider the industry as an option because it is perceived as a "boy's club". Women of Aviation Worldwide Week is about changing that perception.

Lehigh Valley General Aviation Association (LVGAA) is a non-profit organization representing pilots, aviation businesses, and friends of aviation who are dedicated to promoting General Aviation in the Lehigh Valley.

Young women participants will experience the world of flight through free discovery flights in general aviation aircraft (weather permitting) and through interactive discussions with representatives of aviation-related businesses, and of recreational flying. They will have an opportunity to see static displays of aircraft and participate in educational activities provided by the pilots of the 99's (an organization dedicated to promoting aviation among women).

NOTE: Airplane rides will require a signed waiver and parental consent forms for those 18 and under. Flights will be given based on a first-registered/first-served basis, weather permitting.

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Discover the thrill of flying!

LVGAA/EAA Volunteer Information

The following is information for the volunteer pilots (male and female) and ground support personnel. This information is subject to change without notice.

Note that there are two organizations supporting this organization. EAA will be in charge of and responsible for all activities outside of the hanger. This will constitute the Young Eagles flight opportunities and will be conducted in accordance with EAA prolicies and procedures. LVGAA will host a Women Fly! event targeting women and girls and contain information booths, handouts, etc.

Pilot Volunteer Checklist...

  1. Currency (you, your plane...)
  2. EAA Membership ($40/year)
  3. Young Eagles Pilot Registration (pdf) - Send to Rick at
  4. Have your insurance carrier add the airport authority (LNAA) (this is free) and send notice to Rick at
  5. Phillips 66 Young Eagles Rebate (optional, requires Phillips Charge Card)
  6. Phillips 66 Credit Card (optional, required for rebate)
  7. Phillips 66 Points Card (optional) (contact XLL front desk for a card)
  8. EAA Local Chapter 70 (optional) (pdf)
  9. EAA Local Chapter 70 (optional) (doc)
  10. See you there!

Pilots should be sure to review the Ramp Guide PDF (V1.0). Check back close to the event for updates.

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