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Project - Queen City Runway 7

As many may not know, there are trees that are too high, blocking the approach end of Runway 7. This is why the PAPI landing lights are turned off and why nighttime landings on the runway are not allowed (today is 1/18/2012). This is not just an inconvenience, but a safety issue. Imagine flying the approach to XLL at night in bad weather and needing to pick a runway that doesn't favor the wind (and nearing South Mountain in the process!!!). Until this is fixed, the NOTAM restrictions on Runway 7 will remain in effect.

The LVGAA has been following up on this issue. Note that the trees were supposed to be trimmed by the city on 12/28/2011. However, at the last minute, the City of Allentown blocked the tree trimming (we wonder if it's related to the city's attempt to close the airport). The reason the crew did not trim the trees was a curious "liability issue" from the city solicitor.

When the issue was still not resolved on January 11, 2012, Mike Rosenfeld, LVGAA president, sent a reminder to the LNAA and reminded them that this is a safety issue, and pointed out the contributing factor to the airplane crash that killed Peter Karoly, his wife, and pilot were that the approach lights were turned off.

Update, 1/25/2012: The trees on city property are scheduled to be cut down on Friday 1/27/2012.

We will keep pilots posted of the status, and in particular the situation with getting the PAPI turned on and the NOTAM lifted.