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Philadelphia Area Forecast Discussion

VFR conditions in most areas early this morning with mostly CI/CS
clouds over the area. There could be a few patchy lower clouds or
some light fog before dawn, but mostly good weather early today
before a front moves thru and brings poorer conditions from N to S.
Cigs will decrease as the chcs for rains develop this afternoon and
persist into tonight. IFR conditions with rain and fog will arrive
over most areas. Timing of the decreases is somewhat uncertain.
Winds will shift to E or NE behind the front. The IFR conditions
will persist into Sunday morning.


Sunday and Sunday night...Cigs 500-1500 ft vsby ocnl below 3 mi in
patchy rain/drizzle/fog with icing on the ridges of ne PA and
nw NJ in layers below 3000 ft MSL. PATCHY LIFR in st/fog/drizzle
possible late at night. East northeast flow. Confidence: above

Monday and Monday night...IFR conditions with periods of rain and
drizzle. Patchy LIFR possible. Easterly flow may turn southeast
to south Monday afternoon or night vcnty KMIV/KACY/KILG.
Confidence: average.

Tuesday...IFR conditions to start the day could improve to VFR
cigs in the afternoon with a light south to southwest flow?
Confidence: below average due to the position uncertainty of
the northward moving warm front.

Wednesday...Morning MVFR or VFR cigs becoming sct clouds near 4000
ft in the afternoon. Northwest wind gusty 20 kt. Confidence:
above average.

PA Area Forecast

 Synopsis... 4AM (09Z) cold front northern NB-to-northern ME-to-N central NY. cold front from southern NOVA 
 SCOTIA coastal waters across eastern MA-to-southeastern NY-to-extreme northwestern PA-to-western LE-to-southeastern 
 lower MI continuing WSWWD AS stationary front. ridge from international waters off NC / SC coast to 
 the southern Appalachians. 10PM (03Z) cold front along 240SE ACK-to-140ESE SIE-to-southern DE-to-extreme 
 northern VA-to-northern WV. stationary front northern WV-to-central OH-to-northern IND continuing WWD. ridge from 
 QUE to New England coastal waters.  

NW-North Central PA... 5000 ft overcast, top FL220. 5AM (10Z) 3000 ft overcast. visibility 3-5SM scattered 
   light rain showers. 
 Outlook...  MVFR ceiling rain showers... 7PM (00Z) MVFR ceiling.  
Southwest PA... 6000 ft overcast, top FL250. 
 Outlook...  VFR.  
South Central PA... 6000 ft broken, top FL250. 10AM (15Z) 4000 ft broken. widely scattered light rain showers.  
    Outlook...  VFR rain showers... 7PM (00Z) VFR.  
Northeastern PA / North NJ... broken cirrus. 6AM (11Z) 3000 ft overcast, top FL250. visibility 3-5SM mist. 1PM (18Z) 
   3000 ft overcast. visibility 3-5SM scattered light rain showers. 
 Outlook...  IFR ceiling rain showers.  
SEast PA / South NJ... broken cirrus. 6AM (11Z) 8000 ft broken, top FL250. 10AM (15Z) 5000 ft overcast. 3PM (20Z) 
   2500 ft overcast. scattered light rain showers. 
 Outlook...  MVFR ceiling rain showers.  

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Ever have problems finding the correct 12-hour/24-hour prog maps to use? They are released approximately every 6 hours, but you need to know which ones are the most current, and which 24 hour maps are replaced by 12 hour maps (which are based on more recent data). The following takes out the guesswork and arranges the 12 and 24 hour maps in a "best of" sequence for your convenience and ignores the out-of-date 24 hour maps.

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Satellite (visible)

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Winds Aloft

Wilkes Barre, PA (Avoca)

ValidFor Use3000'6000'9000'
1PM (18Z)9AM (14Z) - 4PM (21Z) 290@09 290@32 +07C 270@42 +03C
7PM (00Z)4PM (21Z) - 1AM (06Z) 990@00 280@24 +07C 290@32 +02C
7AM (12Z)1AM (06Z) - 1PM (18Z) 130@24 250@12 +06C 230@11 +01C


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Disclaimer - the information above is only intended to supplement a pilot's official weather briefing. Be smart and always get an official weather briefing. From fltplan.com: When planes crash, both the FAA and NTSB go looking for a wide spectrum of information, including what kind of flight planning and weather information were obtained by the PIC. Unfortunately in some cases, the pilots have not documented that they indeed did check the weather or performed adequate preflight planning for their flight. When we say 'documented', we are referring to using a source of weather and notams that keeps a record of your weather requests and preflight planning (such as FltPlan.com, Duats, or FSS does).

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