Aviation Weather for the Lehigh Valley at a glance.

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Philadelphia Area Forecast Discussion

The following discussion is for KPHL, KPNE, KTTN, KABE, KRDG, KILG,
KMIV, KACY and surrounding areas.

Today...VFR ceilings around 4000 feet should lower to the 1500-2500
feet range through the day. Confidence is less than average as there
is some drier air to our north-northeast. Northeast winds mainly in
the 10-15 knot range, becoming easterly this afternoon.

Tonight...MVFR ceilings are anticipated to lower to IFR this evening
(locally LIFR overnight) as a warm front gradually shifts northward.
Some fog and drizzle should develop, however the extent of this is
less certain at this time. Visibilities are currently forecast to
lower into the 1-2SM range overnight. East to southeast winds mainly
4-8 knots.

Monday...IFR/MVFR conditions should be present to start at most
terminals, then improving to VFR by late morning. South to southwest
winds increasing to near 15 knots, with gusts 20-25 knots in the

Monday night...Widespread MVFR or IFR conditions with thunderstorms
likely. An abrupt wind shift to westerly is expected with a cold
front Monday night.

Tuesday and Wednesday...Mostly VFR conditions expected.

Thursday...starting VFR, but may lower to MVFR as showers and
thunderstorms start to move into the region.

PA Area Forecast

 Synopsis... low pressure over IN. stationary front from low across southern OH-to-southern 
 PA-to-central NJ-to-mid Atlantic coastal waters. by 10PM (03Z) stationary front from northern OH-to-SW 
 PA-to-western MD-to-FAR northern VA.  

NW-North Central-South Central PA... 4000 ft scattered, 6000 ft broken, top 100. 12AM (17Z) isolated light rain showers.  
 Outlook...  MVFR ceiling rain showers.  
Southwest PA... 4000 ft scattered, 6000 ft broken, top 100. 10AM (15Z) 8000 ft scattered, scattered cirrus. 
 Outlook...  VFR.  
Eastern PA / NJ... 4000 ft scattered-broken, top 050. 7AM (12Z) 4000 ft overcast, top 070. 3PM (20Z) 3000 ft overcast.  
 Outlook...  MVFR ceiling.  

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Airmets (click on images to get full size graphic)

10AM (15Z)1PM (18Z)4PM (21Z)7PM (00Z)10PM (03Z)

Surface Prog Charts

Latest 12 hrs 24 hrs 36 hrs

SigWx Prog Charts

Ever have problems finding the correct 12-hour/24-hour prog maps to use? They are released approximately every 6 hours, but you need to know which ones are the most current, and which 24 hour maps are replaced by 12 hour maps (which are based on more recent data). The following takes out the guesswork and arranges the 12 and 24 hour maps in a "best of" sequence for your convenience and ignores the out-of-date 24 hour maps.

1AM (06Z) prior7AM (12Z) prior1PM (18Z)7PM (00Z)1AM (06Z)

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Satellite (visible)

Satellite (infrared)

Winds Aloft

Wilkes Barre, PA (Avoca)

ValidFor Use3000'6000'9000'
1PM (18Z)9AM (14Z) - 4PM (21Z) 150@21 260@21 +13C 240@32 +09C
7PM (00Z)4PM (21Z) - 1AM (06Z) 180@19 240@22 +14C 250@30 +08C
7AM (12Z)1AM (06Z) - 1PM (18Z) 230@36 240@30 +13C 240@35 +09C


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Disclaimer - the information above is only intended to supplement a pilot's official weather briefing. Be smart and always get an official weather briefing. From fltplan.com: When planes crash, both the FAA and NTSB go looking for a wide spectrum of information, including what kind of flight planning and weather information were obtained by the PIC. Unfortunately in some cases, the pilots have not documented that they indeed did check the weather or performed adequate preflight planning for their flight. When we say 'documented', we are referring to using a source of weather and notams that keeps a record of your weather requests and preflight planning (such as FltPlan.com, Duats, or FSS does).

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