Serving the Lehigh Valley

2007 QC Fly-in

Lehigh Valley Drone Information - Hobbyist (Part 101)

The map below shows the 5 statute mile radius around each of the Lehigh Valley Airports in yellow (you must notify the airport authority in advance of drone operations in these areas as a hobbyist under Part 101 rules, even in your backyard!). The critical areas around the airports are highlighted in red Active helipads are red dots. Runway extensions are also shown in blue (use extra caution near the areas that airplanes use for takeoffs and landings). Additional restrictions may apply (see the B4UFLY App or Know Before You Fly web site).

Lehigh Valley Drone Information - Commercial (Part 107)

When operating under commercial (Part 107) rules, operators must notify ATC when operating within controlled airspace. You'll notice that the Lehigh Valley does not have any Class E airspace below 400' AGL (as a drone operator, you don't care about Control E airspace that is always > 400' AGL). Note however that ABE is Class C space and will require authorization for Part 107 flights within its 5nm radius (vs. 5 statute miles for Part 101 users shown on map below). Until Oct 3, 2016, authorization can be obtained directly from ABE ATC and after that only from the FAA's automated online UAS page. Be sure to consult an FAA sectional. Although you are not required to notify the other non-towered airports in the area when operating under Part 107 rules, you must be aware of their flight operations, so pay particular attention to the red areas below and the runway extensions (airplanes will not be exactly on those lines!).

Be sure to read the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority (LNAA) Drone/UAS Information. Always be sure to study official FAA Official Drone regulations as well as register your drone.

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