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2007 QC Fly-in

Queen City Airport (XLL)

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Blimp at Queen City Airport.

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Medevac Helicopter at Queen City Airport.

Pilot Info

  • UNICOM/CTAF = 122.7
  • WX/AWOS3 = 127.875
noise abatement

Designated path to avoid homes when departing Runway 25.

Be aware of noise abatement procedures. Turn to heading 290 degrees when departing runway 25 (and follow the highway while climbing) to avoid overflying homes. Click on the picture to the right to see noise abatement diagram.

The winds typically favor Runway 25, so when calm, use Runway 25.

xll map

Parking Map of KXLL

Transient aircraft can park in the area to the left of the main entrance for drop-off/pick-up (to the left of the fuel pump when viewed from taxi area) - contact the FBO on 122.7. Click on the picture to the right to see closeup of parking.

Legend: P - car parking lot
F - aircraft refueling (only park here if directed by FBO, 122.7)
1- flight school parking
2 - transient parking (if directed by FBO, 122.7)
3 - transient parking (if directed by FBO, 122.7)
4 - paved tiedown area #1
5 - paved tiedown area #2
6 - helicopter paved and grass areas (if directed by FBO, 122.7)
7 - paved tiedown area #3
8 - grass tiedown area (also across taxi way)


The Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport was created in 1943.



Here is the future site of Queen City Airport, 1939 (future runways shown in gray).


Queen City Airport, 1954 (with connecting road to Mack Trucks from WWII aircraft production)


Queen City Airport, 1971


Queen City Airport, 1999


FAA General Aviation - Aiport of the Year, 2006


beautiful jet (N896LS, Embraer Phenom 300) at Queen City, 2012